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Long-term fostering

Children who are going to be in care for some time without the opportunity for adoption, benefit hugely from a long-term foster family.

Adult female with three young children in home scene

Longer term foster homes give children stability and consistency.

Every family's circumstances are different. The social workers at your local council will have in-depth knowledge of each child in care's story and their family history. Your foster children will have regular catch up visits with their siblings and parent(s) while they live in your home, but may not be able to return to live with their family permanently for a range of reasons.

A long-term foster family gives children in care a reliable, supportive home environment where they can thrive, safe in the knowledge that you are there to look after them.

That moment when a child looks back at you for reassurance, whether it's riding a bike for the first time or tying their shoelaces, it's so moving and rewarding. This may seem like small gains, but everything progresses from there."


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