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Pre-approval training

During pre-approval training, you'll find out more about the role of a foster carer and the team of professionals you will join. You'll learn about looked after children, gain skills to support children and young people, and learn how to maintain links with their families.

Man and girl doing homework

Fostering training and classes

Other than being able to read and write in English, foster carers do not need any specific qualifications to get started. Here at Foster East we simply ask that you are motivated to help improve the lives of children in our care.

Foster carers have to be willing to learn about the life experiences of the children and young people you will care for, and how to support them. Then, in-depth foster carer training from Foster East and your local council will help you to grow the skills and confidence you need to be a foster parent. 


We bonded with our social worker very quickly. It was clear she wanted to get the best out of us and we had a good rapport. The process is long and in-depth, which might put some people off. But when you start your fostering journey you realise why so much information is needed. You learn a lot about yourself, and your partner!"

Claire* - Norfolk