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Coaching and support

You're bound to have questions about fostering. We can connect you to an experienced foster carer who can help you with your questions and give you a foster parent's point of view.

Older woman playing a piano duet with young girl

When you enquire about becoming a foster carer, you can choose to speak to experienced foster carer to find out more.

An experienced foster carer will be on-hand to:

  • Share advice from their own experiences
  • Answer any questions you may have about fostering, without judgement
  • Give true insight into the real day-to-day experience of being a foster carer

Throughout your journey from enquiry through pre-approval and into fostering, support from experienced foster carers is just a call away

Foster East brings together all 11 local fostering authorities in the East of England. Now, all of our foster carers are part of one wider fostering community too. Connecting with them means you can tap into an experienced foster parent's knowledge and get extra support during the approval process. They can also help you build early connections in the wider fostering community, so you always have someone to talk to or ask for advice.